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Cookie Policy

Halavet Gıda Inc. - Cookie Policy

This cookie policy provides information about the cookies used on the website operated by Halavet Food Inc. Please read this policy carefully and ensure that you understand it.

  1. What are Cookies? 1.1. Cookies are small text files placed on your device by your browser when you visit a website. These files are used to analyze website usage, personalize user experience, and enhance website performance.

  2. Types of Cookies Used 2.1. Necessary Cookies: Essential for the basic functionality of the website, supporting core functions such as user sessions, security measures, and page transitions. 2.2. Functional Cookies: Used to improve the user experience, for example, remembering preferences or saving language choices. 2.3. Performance Cookies: Used to analyze the performance of the website, providing analytical information such as which pages are popular and from which regions visitors come.

  3. How to Control Cookies 3.1. Browser Settings: You can choose to accept, reject, or be prompted before receiving cookies by changing your browser settings. 3.2. Cookie Settings: The website may present a notification to determine your cookie preferences. You can manage your preferences through this notification.

  4. Third-Party Cookies 4.1. The website may also use cookies through third-party service providers for purposes such as targeted advertising and collecting analytical data. 4.2. For information on third-party cookies, please review the privacy policy of the relevant provider.

  5. Cookie Policy Updates 5.1. Halavet Food Inc. may update the cookie policy from time to time. Updated policies take effect when published on the website.

  6. Contact 6.1. If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the cookie policy, please contact us at

This cookie policy constitutes an agreement between Halavet Food Inc. and website users. Please read this policy carefully and ensure that you understand it.

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